Classical Massage

Also known as 'Swedish' Massage. Deep relaxation and rejuvenation are the key goals. This is not a superficial oil rub.

Structural Integration

A series of sessions leading to postural change and a greater freedom of movement and reduction of chronic pain. Expect long term benifits. This is an excellent approach to treating old injuries that create compensatory patterns in the body.

Fascial Manipulation

This modality is an effective treatment for chronic and acute injuries. It treats soft tissue densifications that are difficult to resolve with other approaches. Effective and long lasting.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage actually uses Classical Massage techniques in a specific way for specific results.

Athletes of all types, from Olympic contenders, to weekend warriors will benefit from regular use of Sports Massage.

Treatments are typically designated as pre-event, post-event, restorative, or rehabilitative sessions.

Sports Massage addresses biomechanical faults, decrease healing time, and maximizes performance.


Workshops, Seminars, Instruction

Classical Massage

30 minutes..........$40.00

60 minutes..........$70.00

90 minutes..........$85.00

Structural Integration and Advanced Therapy

60 minutes..........$75.00

90 minutes..........$95.00

Sports Massage

30 minute Pre-Event.....$45.00

60 minute Post-Event....$65.00

60 minute Restore.........$65.00

60 minute Rehab...........$75.00

90 minute Rehab...........$95.00

Couples Massage Workshop

3 hour workshop with a professional Massage Therapist with over 25 years in the field.


6 couples maximum per workshop

2 Hour Massage Class

$180.00/2 people

$360/4 people

8 participants minimum to hold class

House calls are available for therapy sessions, and workshops. Call for additional fee information.


An investment in Bodywork is an investment in your health

Somatic Therapies

Couples Massage Workshops

All workshops are 3 hours in length.

These workshops are for couples, friends, or any 2 people that want to learn effective massage technique together.


Swedish/Classical Massage:

Learn a massage routine that facilitates deep relaxation and healing.

Basic body mechanics and proper use of hands, fists, and fingers.


Deep Tissue Massage:

Learn to relieve chronic aches, and pains using trigger point technique. More advanced use of thumbs, and elbows. Techniques are more advanced and requires more practice to master.


First Aid Massage:

Reduce the severity of acute sprains, and strains by applying tender point technique, myofascial release technique, and basic lymph drainage. This is the most advanced class; requires some instruction in basic physiology and anatomy.

Two Hour Massage Class

This class is designed to teach specific techniques for relieving everyday pain complaints in the upper body. We will focus on the neck, shoulders and upper back. Learn to treat tension headaches, neck pain, and shoulder stiffness. Participants are fully clothed. The idea is to learn how to give effective symptom relief in common everyday settings, within limited time constraints.


Fascial Manipulation Workshop

(for professionals only with minimum 3 years experience)

This course is intended for Massage and Bodywork professionals. Based on Luigi Stecco's model of anatomy and treatment of chronic pain syndromes; fascinating and effective modality that fits well with any practice.


Global Therapy


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